The association

The MMV association is composed of a group of women: project managers, researchers, educators who came together by taking care of the eponymous Ecomuseum. We like to call ourselves a crew because at sea everything is shared and we need to stay the course by collaborating

MMV has been engaged in the regeneration of the south coastline since 2014; the association conceives, designs and implements continuous activities to combat educational poverty, promote rights and social capacity-building, conducts pedagogical research, and promotes artistic and ecological practices.

What we do

Culture can help people build a life project, and a museum can change the imagination, work on an idea of the future, give confidence and open spaces for participation.
Starting with community mapping, we have created and experimented with a methodology we call Memoria Viva—Living Memory—to research, collect and tell stories of people and places, of ties and transformations capable of reconnecting inhabitants and territory. The materials collected together with the community are then returned and become collective heritage through the use of new technologies, slowly becoming public space, museum, geoblogs, audio tours, applications or educational kits.
Wherever there are stories of people and places, we can design and/or co-design a process of mapping the territory by involving those who love and live it, thinking about
creativity and spreading the results.
We deal with education on different levels by studying artistic and pedagogical models and experiments from different geographical origins (from Freire’s Brazil, through the local artist Danilo Dolci, to Ward and Nussbaum).
We work on educational, creative, ecological and artistic tours in and out of school.
The landscape is a pulsating universe of life, of spaces, of relationships. Urban awareness means learning to read and interpret the urban landscape in all its material and symbolic historical and environmental components, perceiving ourselves as an active part in it. We believe in the possibility of transforming our cities into educating cities in which all active subjects can contribute to social transformation.
We offer support and advice for the regeneration of abandoned urban spaces and (seemingly) marginal contexts. We have gained experience working in suburbs, which allows us to design solutions for rethinking complex spaces and imaginations, from the technical aspect, through fund-raising, to reuse design using inclusive methodologies.
The ecomuseum stands as a garrison of inclusion so that the redevelopment projects that are planned in the area can have a broad impact. If we improve the quality of spaces without making people aware of the potential of the space, there cannot be any development.
We invite artists to work on site and prefer community art practices, forms of art that starting from a shared inspiration promote collective processes of creation, creating bonds between people, and between people and places, and express a love of artwork as the future, as everyday life.

The dream team

The crew is a group of project managers, researchers, educators, architects and artists, who love Palermo and its sea, tirelessly believing and acting to make the world better.
5 employees under 40 and about 40 continuous collaborations and project assignments; a clear majority of women, three moms, one dad, many birds and insects, several plants in the garden.


We can boast a network of solid and meaningful collaborations that contribute to our mission and our commitment to cultural and social advancement. Through these connections, together we organize cultural events and initiatives that are an added value for the community and the city of Palermo.

Support us

You too can support our educational activities, art projects, garden, sea and river care and social justice activities.
You, too, can help MMV
You can make a Donation:
Mare Memoria Viva ETS
IBAN: IT83U0501804600000011965134
Banca Popolare Etica
You can donate 5×1000 to our association
To support the Ecomuseum, please indicate the tax code 97304900828
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Follow us
Ass. Associazione Mare Memoria Viva ETS
Legal address: Via F. Potenzano No. 5, 90138 Palermo
Tax code: 97304900828 VAT number: 06588240827
Headquarters: Via Messina Marine 14
Association Mare Memoria Viva ETS
Legal address: Via F. Potenzano No. 5, 90138 Palermo
Tax code: 97304900828 VAT number: 06588240827
Headquarters: Via Messina Marine 14
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