A journey from sea to land, a collective audiovisual narrative of stories, memories, artistic works, workshop creations, and archives. Investigating through research and artistic practices the link between places and people, the ecomuseum elicits wonder and awareness.
You will see stories and pictures of resistance, of injustice, of holidays, of work; memories, faded photos, forgotten places, fairy tales, and postcards; sailors, dockers, writers, poets, bathers, fishermen, shipyard workers, captains and sailors, people who venture out to sea and who carry it within them wherever they go. There are animals, plants, rivers, rivieras, crossings and many voices. And there is Palermo, seen and told by its inhabitants, because the relationship with the sea tells a lot about the city that was, that is, and could be
The Mare Memoria Viva ecomuseum is open and can be visited Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. (last admission 5 p.m.) and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30 a.m. (last admission 1.30 p.m.).
Note: from October to May the museum often hosts groups of students in the mornings, choose afternoons for a more intimate experience.
All guided tours are available in Italian, English and German

Guided tour for groups + excursion to the Oreto river

Visit and excursion to the mouth of the Oreto River connected to the artwork U-datinos by artists Iaconesi/Persico: an info-aesthetic exhibit that comes alive with data collected by workshop attendees that make us 'river guardians.'

After viewing U-datinos and the exhibition at the museum, visitors are taken on a tour of the mouth of the Oreto River, its voice, and its amphibious and winged inhabitants.

After viewing U-datinos and the exhibition at the venue, we take you to visit the mouth of the Oreto, its voice, its amphibious and winged inhabitants.

Duration 1½ hours.

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Guided tour for groups + urban walk

The visit to the ecomuseum's exhibition is enriched by walks through the different areas of coastal regeneration, different visions of public space looking to the present and the future, breathing in the scent of the sea and stories of the land!

We will stroll together along the waterfront past the Sant'Erasmo marina to the trapezoidal pier, or we can go exploring the South Coast along the Romagnolo shoreline.

2 hours- visit.

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Guided Tour

For those who want to visit the Ecomuseum in the company of Gabriele, a young man who was born there and is passionate about the coast of Palermo.

A story within a story and the opportunity to ask questions, explore topics of personal interest and exchange memories and information.

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Free Visit

The visit exploits all the interactive and narrative potential of audiovisual technologies and the fascination of sea stories that belong to everyone's experience and evoke memories, ecological, philosophical and scientific reflections.

We talk about the coastal landscape, environmental and social justice, the urban history of Palermo, living beings and social transformation through first-hand accounts and artistic works.

Admission is free for residents of Palermo and with a ticket for non-residents.

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Guided group tour

Each visit is an engaging experience of participating in and listening to stories about the sea and ecology, people and places, landscapes and projects.

The Ecomuseum also welcomes groups of people to its premises who want to explore the multimedia and interactive exhibits together.

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Visit for schools

Holding the curiosity of young and old alike, we are completely dedicated to school groups who want to touch, smell and breathe, laugh and learn in museum spaces and beyond.

Between technology and stories of the sea, between workshops and urban walks, the visit for schools is the only one that gives young people of all ages an educational experience that is immediately transformed into a memory to be carried in the heart for a long time.

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Accessible museum

The ecomuseum is barrier-free and is equipped to best accommodate people in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility. The exhibition tour is also accessible to blind or visually impaired people and to both signing and oralist deaf people thanks to dedicated devices for use both along the route and through an application that can be downloaded on cell phones or on special tablets provided at the ticket office.

Accessibility for MMV means overcoming all physical and cultural barriers that could limit the visitor’s experience, it means creating conditions of ease for visitors and welcoming diversity as a value.

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How to reach us

Via Messina Marine 14
c/o Ex Deposito Locomotive Sant’Erasmo
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By car
The Ecomuseum has a reserved parking lot for people with special needs. Parking can easily be found outside the venue, along via Messina Marine.
By train
The nearest station is Palermo Centrale FS where you can find connections to Palermo's "Falcone and Borsellino" Airport, and the Bus Terminal. The central station is about 1.6 km from the Ecomuseum, a 20-minute walk.
By bus
The nearest bus stop is "Messina Marine -Oreto River", reachable by Lines 224 and 231.
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Ass. Associazione Mare Memoria Viva ETS
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Headquarters: Via Messina Marine 14
Association Mare Memoria Viva ETS
Legal address: Via F. Potenzano No. 5, 90138 Palermo
Tax code: 97304900828 VAT number: 06588240827
Headquarters: Via Messina Marine 14
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