The ecomuseum offers  educational activities to schools of all levels. It seeks to develop innovative methodologies linked to the use of new technologies, to the museum’s exhibitions and its communication facilities.

Numerous educational programmes are possible, which can vary each year and be discussed with teachers and students and adapted to their needs. The main topics that form the basis of the programmes are:

    • Environmental education: marine biodiversity, submerged worlds and respect for the sea’s ecosystems.
    • The city and its transformations: how, when and why did Palermo and its relationship to the sea change? Illegal building, corruption, mafia, judicial inquiries and courageous journalists in the Palermo of the 1960s and 1980s.
    • Active citizenship: what does being a citizen mean? How can collective actions contribute to defend common goods? What are the possible forms of grassroots shareholding and what can fighting for the coast help to create in Palermo?
  • Living Memory: what do we lose if we lose the link to the past? Exploring how new communication technologies can help to preserve and re-value memory, and how engagement can transform the present.